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Mipar Metal is a Steel Service Center which aims to provide services to its customers at the desired quality and time with a modern management understanding and over 25 years of experience.We provide services to end users in many different sectors. Among these sectors are automotive supply industry, white goods and its sub-industry, pipe profile, construction and its sub-industry, machinery and spare parts, radiator, lighting, lock producers, heating and ventilation producers, steel service centers and distributors. Mipar Metal’s product range consists of Cold Sheets, Hot-Dip Galvanized Sheets, Acidified Hot Sheets, Hot Sheets, Colored Sheets / Deck Sheets, Full Hard Sheet. Mipar Metal provides slitting, cut-to-length, trapezium form, pvc support, c profile, shear and press brake form services. It provides continuous consultancy services to its customers with effective sales teams. It aims to offer the best product under the best service manner and always works jointly with customers.

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